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See the Challenge To ISIS Issued By Nurses Inside The Caliphate


  1. Mosul, Iraq
  2. Mosul Children’s Primary Education under ISIS Sharia rule: الاعداد البدني التاريخ التربية الاسلامية الرياضيات للخامس
  3. ISIS Sex slave Fatwa The-RINJ-Foundation-ISIS-Sex-Slaves_Fatwa
  4. The RINJ Foundation Online White Paper on Rape as a War-Crime
  5. Islamic-Schism – Prelude to WWIII?
    Surviving The Bloodbath – Who cares? NGO vs Govt.
    A white paper on many Governments’ brutal disregard for the safety & care of children & their families.

  6. The-RINJ-Foundation-White-Paper-war-crime Word Doc
  7. Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte State-Ordered Murder has Increased Child Abuse and Rape – Jan 2017
  8. UN-Resolution-1820-N0839144
  9. Rome_Statute_(English) Of The International Criminal Court
  10. The-RINJ-Foundation-Crimes-Against-Humanity-and-War-Crimes-Act

  11. The Iran Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) July 14, 2015 The-RINJ- Foundation-Joint Comprehensive-Plan-of-Action-(JCPOA)-Iran-Nuclear-deal
  12. Women’s issues: Study-Women in the Workplace 2015 >> Women_in_the_Workplace_2015



The RINJ Foundation : Reporting Rape as War Crime
Description 1. The RINJ Foundation has adopted a mission while supporting and caring for survivors, to also gather and compile detailed information on parties to armed conflict that are credibly suspected of committing or being responsible for acts of rape or other forms of sexual violence.
2. The RINJ Foundation vows to be especially vigilant and to aggressively gather evidence where a pattern of sexually violent conduct appears to prove the crime of genocide.
3. From: (
– General for organizations in consultative status Document type: Literature Year 2014
Availability Whole document: If you wish to access any of these documents please let me know, Michele Francis )

RSAC-Nurses-Without-Borders-Speaking-From-Inside-The-Islamic-State-Caliphate See The Video

The-RINJ-Foundation-Muslims-raping-womenOther Document Resources Related To The Islamic State


  1. Afghanistan ISIS Web Site
  2. Women of the Islamic State
  3. ISIS Sex slave Fatwa The-RINJ-Foundation-ISIS-Sex-Slaves_Fatwa

Islamic State Caliphate Dabiq Series of Publications




Dabiq 2



Dabiq 3




Dabiq 5





Dabiq 7


Dabiq 9 The-RINJ-Foundation-isis-isil-islamic-state-magazine-issue+9-they-plot-and-allah-plots-sex-slavery

Dabiq 9

Dabiq 9


Dabiq 11 The-RINJ-Foundation-Islamic-State-Publication-Al-Hayat-Media-Centre-Dabiq-11

Dabiq 12 The-RINJ-Foundation-Islamic-State-Publication-Al-Hayat-Media-Centre-Dabiq-12

Dabiq 13





Dabiq 15

The Iran Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) Iran Nuclear Deal Of July 14, 2015

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The Future of The Yazidi people is threatened because the female population segment, that group of girls mostly from 9 years to 25 years, has suffered:

  • Death by Islamic State murder and by suicide;
  • Pregnancies resulting from rape;
  • Depression and suicide resulting from rape;
  • Physical traumas resulting from horrible abuses and torture;
  • Post traumatic stress disorders of a new magnitude;
  • Being shunned by their own and larger community;
  • Stigma of lost virginity as a secondary trigger for PTSD; and
  • Large numbers, many thousands are missing. We believe more than 4,000 in the Mosul area.
    Further Reading Resources on Yazidi Crisis

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