Rise Up, Sisters of Mosul

Rise up, sisters of Mosul!

It’s time. Run him over with your car and go hide. Hit his head with a shovel. Push him off the bridge. Feed him poison.  Attack every Daesh this May.
Turn on the WiFi and search for ‘RiseUp’  if you can get it. Ignore the bulletins Daesh has published. “RiseUp” password is “riseup” .

We need to  kill off the Daesh and drive them out and take our city back. The Iraqi pig HASHD AL-SHABA soldiers will come if we do not take our city back  ourselves.

If a Daesh who was onc a neighbour  wants to defect don’t trust him. Tie him up.

Several highly skilled kill teams will be roaming Mosul. They are OUR PEOPLE. Back them up. Block off your street and kick out the Daesh from the homes they stole. Get out your guns ladies and shoot these Daesh pigs. Shoot first and ask questions never.

Rise up, sisters of Mosul!


More Reading:

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We are not going to overlook these Daeshbags because they paint themselves with Islam. The most pressing series of problems: Rape, murder, brutality, sexual enslavement, book burnings, destruction of human artifacts, genocide, crimes against humanity, human organ collection from the living. Right now Muhammad can either fix the problem or take a back seat while we get this done.



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