RINJ Sexual Assault Clinics (RSAC)

Introduction to The RINJ Foundation Sexual Assault Clinics (RSAC)

Providing Care and Support to Rape Survivors

Details and protocols for the RSAC’s can be found at https://rinj.org/rsac/ 

For mobile devices go to: https://rinj.org/mobile/rsac/

  • Providing urgent medical care and emotional support for sexualy violent assault survivors is only one part of the role filled by RINJ RSACs. Experienced medical staff intake each patient with absolute privacy and protection of that privacy.
  • Each patient is examined by a RINJ RSAC nurse for injuries and immediate medical care is provided. Follow up, testing and and future examinations will deal with ongoing physical care, the risk of pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease and mental health coaching and support.
  • The Examination and Forensic Evidence Collection Kit (Rape Kit) Option
  • The rape exam serves two goals: first to provide the best immediate care for the survivor, and second to collect evidence that may be used to prosecute the crime. Learn more here.


In order to collect evidence, a survivor must seek treatment at a clinic within 120 hours of an assault.

Our Nurse Practitioners administer full health care, antibiotics and free condoms/disease transmission prevention in RINJ RSAC clinics. As many as 80 to 100 patient sessions are seen per week per clinic, in each of the existing clinics. Follow up for each patient sets up continuing private counselling sessions and whatever further support may be needed.


  • The mental health of the people we see is extremely fragile.
  • These are invisible wounds and the worst we see are among the female children.
  • Dealing with STD’s and other factors we have a bigger underlying problem of mental health.


  1. Each and every case represents a new set of challenges for the RINJ RSAC .
  2. Following up on the patients case continues after your visit is complete.
  3. Absolute privacy is assured and the course of treatment for your case will be decided by you in every way. Visit the RSAC page on the RINJ Foundation Web Site

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