RINJ RSAC Re-Design News (RINJ Sexual Assault Clinics)

by Rosa@rinj.org
Get the whole story here:

RINJ is designing some new permanent Nurse-led Women’s clinics. Two major centers will be the show case of the new permanent designs (as opposed to the modular temp RSAC clinics). Get the whole story here.  The RINJ Foundation​ is open to different ideas. If you visit https://rinj.org/rsac/ you will see what we accomplish in our clincs and realize where we are going.


We need lots of help and lots of donations of medical supplies and other materials. Get the whole story here.




MILESTONE: Next design installments in 2 weeks (Mid April, 2015) Get the whole story here.

(the RSAC Team: (Medical) Micheal (Psych and Medical Operations), Amanda (Nursing), Jessie (Outpatient Psych Care) Bonnie(Surgical Procedure and Forensics), Karinna (Trauma, Triage, Aftercare) with (Administrative) Rosa, Momin, and Sonya.)

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