Kuwaiti, Turkish, Iranian & Qatar agents: Stop Buying Black Market Oil From Rapists

These People You Give $Millions To Are Primarily Rapists

@rapeisnojoke is urging all agents in Turkey, Iran, Syria, Qatar, Germany, Kuwait and Iraq to stop trading in the black market oil of ISIL rapists. Around the world, people should stop using oil and gas from the region until the Islamic State has been put down. ‪#‎oilandgas‬ ‪#‎rapeisnojoke‬ ‪#‎ISBoycott‬

The Islamic State terrorists in Iraq and Syria are renowned rapists. They are not much good with military equipment and have little skill in anything but they are infamous for their mass murders of women and children. Above all they are mass rapists. They send their teams into civilian areas, round up the women and kids and gang rape them.



Islamic State fighters have stolen many female children from their homes and dislocated millions of ordinary people. The women and children they have stolen, they rape and sell as sex slaves. Other kids, males and those too young for intercourse they just murder.


One of the things that has annoyed The RINJ Foundation workers in the field is that many times we have noticed sneaky persons of claimed good character and intentions making deals with suspected ISIL agents in Istanbul, Tehran and other places, probably for cheap black market oil.

How could anyone deal with these thugs for profit? Your hands are so filthy!

These psychopaths are being led by Saddam Hussein’s Ba’athist leaders. Some of the best of the Republican Guard’s military leadership is sitting at the top of the Islamic States leadership hierarchy. They pull the strings and seek out the dark things they are familiar with. They line their own pockets with money and build their power bases knowing that someday, you are going to lose your life once you have lost your usefulness to them. Is it worth your profit from black market oil?

The leadership of the Islamic State has purposefully sought out the worst of the Muslim worlds’ psychopathic sexually violent predators and recruited them into its team of jihadists. They do horrible things every single day. They need to be imprisoned or killed, not financially rewarded by you.

images (2)The oil  you filthy traders buy comes from stolen oil fields and refineries at zero cost was once the economic future of people in a developing nation seeking a new life.

We know that using both modern and primitive technology and methods, the Islamic State  cheaply refines the oil in areas close to the Turkish border and that the IS has killed anything that got in the way of its get rich schemes. We also know that the Turkish miliyary and the Turkish government acquiesces to these shady black market oil deals.

A man works at a makeshift oil refinery site in al-Mansoura village in Raqqa

The Islamic State produces as much as 40,000 barrels of oil per day in Iraq and a similar quantity in Syria, at an estimated value of approximately $2.6 million daily, before being smuggled to Iran, Turkey and through Syria to other destinations where the price increases as the transaction passes from agent to agent to buyer.

The Islamic State has laid pipes from villages near the Turkish border. Similar pipe exist also at the Turkish border regions of Kilis, Urfa and Gaziantep. IS easily transfers the oil to Turkey for huge amounts of cash to middlemen in that country. The money rewards and further enables a 60,000 strong band of rapists.

Interesting enough to make note of is the fact that IS has drawn to itself the worst of humankind to form its combatant teams; the worst of human kind to form its leadership; and the worst of humankind as its business partners.

Stop buying black market oil from mass rapists!


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