Female Genital Mutilation – What The RINJ Foundation Is Doing?

Female Genital Mutilation is a sexual assault crime.

Please take a moment and read our document on this issue.

The RINJ Foundation is

  • educating women about the crime;
  • educating men and women to stop mutilating a female every 11 seconds;
  • assembling some of the best plastic surgeons in the world to create a new global centre for reconstructive surgery; and
  • ending a primitive human behaviour–the mutilation of the female body.

Here we explain the problem and what can be done to reverse the mutilation with extremely complex surgery.

Here in this video we are sharing the concept of an inherent wish of every one of the 125 million mutilated women. It’s the unspoken desire to be whole. To be free. To fly. Even though women who have been mutilated  don’t know what they are missing and why, their deep subconscious mind tells them “All I wanted to do is fly”.

Here are some graphic cases of FGM. This could be triggering so be ready with the pause switch. You might not like this. But maybe you will agree with us that this mutilation, FGM, must end.


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