Family Planning – Reproductive Rights – Contraceptives


RINJ has vehemently urged women in areas of armed conflict to avoid pregnancy for a number of reasons including the extremely high infant and maternal mortality rate. Much more than half the women die under these circumstances. Almost the same number of babies die.

“Opposing the reproductive rights of family partners is a violation of human rights that is unacceptable,” says RINJ.


  • The RINJ Foundation strongly urges women not to use abortion as a form of birth control. Concomitantly governments are urged to provide families with their inalienable reproductive rights and accessible contraceptives needed for family planning.
  • At no time in their lives is killing children acceptable. Sometimes medical practitioners face serious life and death decisions related to pregnancies. Sometimes the decisions are not much different than triage. Who can we save? If you are a medical practitioner reading this you know how painfully hard these decisions can be and in many cases how absolutely clear the decision can become under some circumstances. When baby’s life and mother’s life are in peril, decisions are taken. We must leave that decision to medical practitioners and their patients. Interference causes  disastrous domino effects. Far too many at-risk women die as do their baby, because of a decision to avoid aborting, leaving the living children motherless, without care, to all die eventually as well. (Yes. That is absolutely true. We have been in many communities where that happened. Those tears never go away.)
  • In providing health care to patients, abortion is a medical procedure that may at times need consideration. Please remember that every life is precious. Save those patients you can.
  • Abortion is not just a moral persuasion but a medical issue. Safe abortion is not available in most of the world’s communities. Providing dilation and curettage for women who need this care must be given a greater priority in most countries.
  • Notwithstanding the aforesaid, religion and medical science don’t seem to mix. At no time in the history of mankind have religions’ medical edicts been helpful in the advancement of medical science or the improvement of the human condition. Both Jesus and Mohammed were beacons of misogyny while their science did little except assure followers Earth was flat. With all due respect, their medical science opinions lack relevance and credence today.

The decision of a rape survivor regarding a dilation and curettage is the right of the patient and her medical team and none of anyone else’s business. 

Reproductive Rights

  • Despite obvious conflicts with spiritual leaders, reproductive rights belong to families who must have the unfettered ability to choose freely and responsibly if and when to have children.
  • Families must have easy access to valid and safe contraceptives as well as safe and validated health care for them and their children.
  • The global maternal death rate at childbirth is horrifying. The same is true of infant mortality. Children born into severe poverty are not surviving. The alleviation of this problem lies partly in the global goals of human development. Family planning is one of the tools for poverty’s mitigation and elimination.
  • Maintaining a Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of 2.1 is a valid goal for family planning educators. Earth has limits on what number of human occupants it can support. Approaching 9 billion world population the TFR must maintain somewhere around 2.1 barring any catastrophic events.
  • Family planning and reproductive rights belong to each and every family. Governments must be asked to provide free of charge, safe, modern contraceptives.

Caring for children and their families is something the people of Earth need to relearn.