RINJ: Introduction: Sexual Violence in Situations of Armed Conflict

This is an Introduction to The RINJ Declaration To Combatants (and leaders) Who Rape.

(If you have a sexual assault emergency go to: Rape Emergency Information)

Be sure to visit and read the RINJ Foundation’s Mission Statement In This Regard

1a-rinjThe RINJ Foundation as an International Non-Government Organization relies on six United Nations’ resolutions and in particular Res. 1820 in declaring its evidence-gathering target of anyone who does  sexual violence in situations of armed conflict. Not just the gender brutality of the Congo and Syrian situations but any sexual violence of any kind toward any person should have a lawful punitive consequence for the perpetrator.

  Women and children are particularly targeted by the use of sexual violence, including rape as a tactic of war to humiliate, dominate, instil fear in, disperse and/or forcibly relocate civilian members of a community or ethnic group as happened in the Rwanda and Bosnia/Herzegovina conflicts. One of the problems facing The RINJ Foundation in the past year has been the collection of useful evidence relating to rape used as a tactic of war or other armed conflict. Relying on international common law, The RINJ Foundation asserts that there is no existence of a statute imposing  limitation of prosecution of such crime; furthermore that proof beyond a reasonable doubt should yield a conviction in any jurisdiction for sexual offences; and additional penalties including the death penalty should be sought where it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the crime was in fact a war crime as set out in the United Nations’ resolutions (as set out below).UN-Logo NGO volunteers offer some good solutions for quiet, unobtrusive, impartial, unnoticed interviewing and data collection for prosecutions in the wake of the abhorrent conduct of sexual violence as a tactic of war. The RINJ Foundation uses conventional methods for gathering information for each war-crime victim including a basic three page information data-collection form which provides sufficient information for the collection of data that would bring to jurists,

    1. evidential details of the specific criminal event,
    2. motivation of the crime,
    3. evidence of criminal intent,
    4. evidence of the criminal act,
    5. identification evidence,
    6. connected evidence of similar crimes, trends and patterns, and
    7. witness lists.

The next step is determining jurisdiction and authority to bring about the arrests and prosecution. In all cases the victim-witness citizenship (UN-Member-) nation has a responsibility for assisting or providing the prosecution of the crime, but there are other means for prosecution.

Introducing Digital Data Apps For Collecting Sex Crime Information and Evidence

The RINJ Foundation has been receiving donations of used smart-phones and having them refurbished and shipped to women and youth in areas of the world where these devices would seem to be useful, particularly for the purpose of communicating digital text and photographic data. In under-developed and developing nations, providing more and more women with cell-phones and better yet, smart phones, is increasing the collection of data. Apps are under development to create a three-page intake form that combines smart-phone photographs with text responses to standardized, formatted questions, so that anyone can collect short-answer data queries directly from the crime scene. Join The RINJ Foundation if you would like to be considered for a volunteer position in some of our existing and future missions. Go to The RINJ Foundation’s Mission Statement on Rape As A War Crime 

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