7 January 2020 Mid-East Peace Proposal from Civil Society

Colossal missteps of the US Pentagon clearly comprise monstrous breaches of international law and immeasurable cost in damages. Rage across global Islamic communities and their allies has yielded numerous promises of violence against the United States and its allies. Some of the antipathy comes from nuclear armed nations.

Proposed Peace Plan for the Middle East from Civil Society Women's Group

Proposed Peace Plan for the Middle East from Civil Society Women’s Group

Second sober thought should yield a stand down.

  • All sanctions against Iran must be removed immediately.
  • The US military and its claimed coalition must remove all military forces from Iraq.
  • Iran will return to the JCPOA and will stand down its attacks against any foreign power and cancel its (revenge) انتقام planning.

Writing in a letter to the United Nations Secretary General, and to  the parties of the 3 January EJK matter in the city of Baghdad, the RINJ Foundation says it has offered a humble suggestion for an immediate stand down in the Middle East.


by Sharon Santiago

United States already prepared to leave Iraq.

The United States has been considering the removal of military assets from Iraq and clearly has a plan for doing so. It should immediately execute the plan which is also consistent with an Iraqi Parliament and Prime Ministerial wish.

RINJ Coalition, Voices for Peace, global nuclear disarmament

Iraq needs global humanitarian support and guidance not armaments. War reparations from the global community must rebuild the destroyed cities that have been bombed to rubble creating an enormous internally displacement of children and their families. A humanitarian disaster has begun to unfold in Iraq.

Humanitarian NGOs Join Voices Against Extra Judicial Killings (EJK) and other Crimes Against Humanity

While global nuclear disarmament is a primary goal of “Voices“, extrajudicial killings, the starvation and deprivation of communities is unacceptable methodology for the achievement of any goals.

Across the world civil society has loudly protested the global proclivity of wrong-minded leaders toward extra judicial killing of people that leaders do not like.

Because of its de facto privileged position on the world stage, a position that its current administration has eroded, the United States has a greater than normal responsibility to uphold international law and the the Universal declaration of Human Rights.

Therefore her excellency Michelle Bachelet Jeria, the United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner is respectfully asked to consider investigation of the matter of the sudden deaths of the following persons at 33°15′29″N 44°15′22″E (Baghdad, Iraq) on or about 3 January 2020 1 a.m. (local UTC+3).

RINJ respectively suggests that the UN General Assembly  consider additional action.

Civil Society Women's Group protests Extra Judicial Killings to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Stop escalation, urges UN chief